Please read through the following commonly asked questions about TK's Lashes. We hope that this will help answer any queries you have; but otherwise you can always Contact Us to find out more.

Q     Can I swim with my TK's Lashes on?

A     No, since TK's lashes are easily removed with warm water we do not recommend swimming while wearing as the temperature might cause them to loosen.


Q     Can I wear TK's Lashes with contact Lenses?

A     Yes you certainly can! Just make sure you apply generous amounts of TK's transplant gel then apply the fibres and set with TK's transplanting gel again to ensure that your extensions do not become loose and irritate your eye.


Q     Can you apply TK's Lashes the same as any mascara?

A     No, with TK's Lashes you need to apply only one eye at a time as the transplanting gel will set quickly.


Q     How do I apply TK's Lashes?

A     Please view How it Works and read our step by step guidelines.


Q    How many applications can I expect out of my set of TK's Lashes?

A     This depends on how often and how much is applied each time. We have personally had up to 60 applications out of one set of TK's Lashes.


Q     What if the fibres become loose and falls on your face?

A     If this happens you need to make sure you apply more transplanting gel to seal them on to your eyelashes properly. This will stop the fibres falling on to your face.