How TK's Brow Extender Works


 TK's Brow Extender

Perfect instant eyebrows with brush on fibres and mineral clay. For sculpting and filling in perfect eyebrows with natural tiny fibres & natural Italian Mineral Clay. The ultra fine formulated powder is infused with pure sea minerals and a fine blend of herbs & precious ingredients. Soft powder finish (free hand or with brow stencil).

Apply our brow extender directly onto brows where brows are needed. The Terra Powder in the product instantly fills in those less than perfect spots in the eyebrow. Perfectly enhanced brows every time. This product is better than any eyebrow pencil and will last approximately 1 year! 

How to Apply

Clean Canvas:

Before applying TK's Brow Extender ensure brow area is clean and dry.

Build Your Brow:

Following your natural shape, brush the applicator back and forth over brow area so that the natural clay & fibres grip onto the skin and hair, instantly building brows

Sharp Babe:

Use the tip of the applicator for a more sharp define finish.

Not-So-Secret Ingredients

Lecithin, Aloe Barbadensis & Panthenol: improves dry skin and enhances hair body, sheen, & texture

Boswellia Serrata: The Indian version of frankincense; strengthens hair roots, reduces hair loss & improves shine

Tocopherol: Conditions skin, helps keep follicles healthy & producing new growth.

Panax Quinquefolius Extract: Also known as American Ginseng, has a firming effect when applied topically

Ocimum Basilicum Extract: Also known as Sweet Basil Extract, prevents hair loss.

Rosmarinus Officinalis Extract: A soothing antioxidant that calms irritates skin.


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