TK's Lashes and Brows


A bit about us!

With  years experience in the industry along with providing these AMAZINproducts we know how important quality and customer service is .

We believe in natural, Cruelty Free Vegan cosmetics. Not to mention making woman look & feel absolutely fabulous inside & out.

"Now you can love TK's Lashe Extender too. Instead of permanent extensions: which can be costly, you can find  the glue irritating as well as causing infections, resulting in loss of lashes.

 With TK's Lashes, you can:

Increase the length of your eyelashes up to an incredible 300%!

  • Open up your eyes to make you look younger and sexier, and they are the perfect accessory for a night out
  • Easily apply TK's Lashes 
  • Afford TK's Lashes (actually how can you afford not to?)
  • Eliminate the need for mascara, which means that those who have allergies to eye makeup can still have fabulous, attention grabbing eyelashes

With TK's Brow Extender, you can:

Sculpt and fill in perfect eyebrows with natural tiny fibres & natural Italian Mineral Clay. The ultra fine formulated powder is infused with pure sea minerals and a fine blend of herbs & precious ingredients. Soft powder finish (free hand or with brow stencil).

Apply our brow extender directly onto brows where brows are needed. The Terra Powder in the product instantly fills in those less than perfect spots in the eyebrow. 

 Why Buy From Us?

TK's Lashes are the original eyelash extension in our region. Now, you too can have long, luscious lashes anytime you like!

No glue, no mess, no fuss! TK's Lash Extender and TK's Brow Extender are every girl's 'go to' beauty solution.

As one expert eyelash stylist rightly expressed, 'It's quickly becoming part of the beauty regime of most savvy girls or girls about town.'


We care about beauty. We care about our products. We care about style. Most importantly, we care about YOU. That is why all our products have a 100% money back guarantee.