TK's Lashes - Fibre Eyelash Extender

TK’s Instant Fibre Eyelash Extensions 

Want extra length without the lash-damage, glue mess, and pricey upkeep of salon extensions or falsies? TK’s Instant Fibre Eyelash Extensions is your high-performing luxury solution that is, as everything should be, organic and easy to use. 

Our all natural gel formula attaches our hypoallergenic microfibres onto your existing lashes to instantly lift, lengthen and curl lashes for a fresh, youthful, voluminous look. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy application, brush gel & fibre on like mascara for instant lash extensions
  • Water resistant; smudge, cry, and sweat proof
  • Hypoallergenic; Ideal for sensitive skin and contact wearers
  • High Grade Beeswax based gel promotes natural hair growth up to 300% and conditions existing hair as they wear
  • Removes with warm water
  • Three year shelf life
  • Clean cosmetics made with all natural ingredients and made cruelty free!
  • Clump and flake free

How To Wear:

  1. Prep: ensure lashes are clean and apply products on one eye at a time
  2. Brush on a layer of gel, covering full breadth of lash
  3. Apply on light layer of microfibres across lash, focusing on the tips to increase lash length
  4. Repeat second step, applying a final layer of gel, to smooth out clumps and lock in the fibres
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 up to 5 times until desired length and volume are achieved