How Do You Wear Makeup with Best Eyeshadow Palettes To A Wedding or Party?

This is the season for never-ending weddings and the start of a new year has prompted even more celebrations! We all love having fun all night long, but the one trouble for all women is that our makeup rarely lasts that long. But, when you’re busy dancing and swinging to some foot-tapping music, you don’t have time to worry about makeup tricks.


Make yourself party-ready and makeup-proof by incorporating a few new products especially the Best Eyeshadow Palettes and hacks into your makeup routine. So, here are eight party makeup tricks to help your makeup last throughout the celebration.

Preparing Your Face

Cleansing your face

Face cleansing will be the first step in your makeup prep. Before applying makeup to your face, you should clean it and remove excess oils or dirt. You want to use a gentle, high-quality cleaner. It may be beneficial to avoid using harsh cleaners or soaps. For example, if you have oily or combination skin, opt for a gel-primarily based or light foaming cleanser. If you have oily skin with breakouts, opt for an oil-free face wash or a salicylic acid-containing face wash. Facewash with aloe, glycerin, and Vitamin E is ideal for dry skin, whereas alcohol-free and perfume-free face wash is ideal for sensitive pores and skin.

Moisturizing your face

Moisturiser is essential to apply before makeup because it replenishes the natural oils in your skin and keeps it from drying out or flaking. Use a moisturizer that is appropriate for your pores and skin type, as well as one that is oil-free so that it does not clog pores.

Apply Your Primer

Primer is a cream that serves as a barrier between your skin and your makeup, protecting it and keeping it hydrated. It keeps chemicals out of your pores, seals in moisture, allows you to apply your makeup more evenly and makes it last longer. Doesn’t it sound like a miracle product? So, despite its often-overlooked importance, it truly works wonders for your skin. Grab a Look at - TK’s Alchemist 24k Gold Mineral Primer

Concealing blemishes or darkish circles

A good concealer covers blemishes and spots effectively. The colour of your concealer should be a shade lighter than the colour of your skin. Apply with a small brush. The concealer will cover the dark circles beneath your eyes if you apply it in a triangular pattern.

Using a foundation

Blend in your foundation with a soft foam sponge or a foundation brush (we personally LOVE the TK’s Buffer Brush which creates a flawless finish no matter how you use it!). Use an appropriate base for your skin type and select a foundation that complements your skin tone.

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Accentuating the Eyes

Eye Makeup

You should keep an eye out for eyelid primer because it can help your eyeshadow last longer. If you’re going to an event, stick to greys or browns. Shimmery Eyeshadow Palettes are ideal for evening makeup.

  • Apply an eyelid primer
  • Choose your colour palette
  • Apply eyeshadow
  • Highlight your eyes with an eyeliner
  • Apply eyeshadow under your eye
  • Apply mascara

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Adding Final Touches

Apply blush

Apply blush lightly to provide a natural look and brighten your cheeks. Blush is essential because it can help highlight your cheekbones and keep your face from looking faded or washed out. Smile to reveal the apple of your cheeks, then apply blush with a blush brush, blending it in until you achieve the desired colour.

Long-Lasting Lipstick

Whether you like it or not, Lipstick is always the saviour of any makeup look. Begin by smudging a thin layer of foundation onto your lips. Use your lip liner to outline your lips in a neutral colour or one that complements your lipstick colour. Finally, apply your Lipstick, which will now have a much longer shelf life.

Set makeup with makeup setting spray

After you’ve finished your makeup look, spritz your face with a setting spray to make your makeup last longer. Holding the spray a little away from your face, apply a light layer all over your face. Let it dry and then you’re ready for a great event looking fab!