Expert Makeup Tips for Making Your Eye Makeup Stand Out!

We adore makeup that draws attention to and celebrates the beauty of the eyes. Your eyes are the window to the heart, and we certainly like to accent the view with beautiful drapes. Bold, beautiful eye makeup can elevate a simple and sophisticated look by emphasizing your best features with colors and techniques tailored to your style and complexion. Let's begin with some excellent methods for improving your overall eye appearance.

Primed And Ready

If you use the same primer on your lids as your face, you may notice your shadow smudging and smearing. This is because most face primers are not tailored to the skin condition of the eyelids. Instead, apply a white base to your eyelids. The TK's Mineral Eyeshadow - Rose and the TK's Mineral Lip & Eyeliner Pencil are excellent choices. The base not only helps to keep your makeup in place, but it also has a dual purpose. Your shadows will have a surface to stick to a lighter tone by acting as a color corrector, allowing their best color payoff to shine through. Because a white base primer will alter the way, you apply eye shadow, return to the bolder shades in the palette.

Color Your World

Neutrals are lovely, and they're an excellent way to play up your best features delicately, but a pop of color is a great way to stand out. With sophisticated style leaning toward wild ombre color dips, neon pinks and blues are no longer limited to the club. Your favorite party shades can now be worn during the day. 

Here's how to achieve a stunning cut crease peacock look:

  • Begin with the white base we discussed earlier, and then lightly brush your browbone with a white or light beige shadow.
  • Using a smaller detail brush and a dark purple shade, draw a bold line across the top crease of your lid. 
  • With a small blending brush, gently blend the lineup and outward. Fill in your lids with a vibrant turquoise eyeshadow using another small brush. 
  • Finalize the look with some velvety matte black liquid eyeliner.

Bat Those Lashes

Long lashes, we believe, bring life to any eye look and make it pop even more. TK's Fibre Lash Extender is perfect for completing your sexy peacock cut crease with a beautiful, full lashed look. The varying lengths draw attention to your bright eyes and make you look stunning. Don't be concerned if you've never used false lashes before and are unsure whether you can apply them correctly. Tk's lashes come with an easy-to-use lash glue tube that will put even the most inexperienced user at ease.

Raise Your Brows

The return of iconic look is hard to miss, as it's all over Instagram, as well as every magazine, TV show, and website out there! Full, dark brows are in style. This simple trend will give your eyes the bold appearance you desire. Though many would advise you to use an expensive product, there are many brow makeup products available in various price ranges that will allow you to achieve an entire, groomed look.

Extra Credit

When you want to go above and beyond with your eye makeup, try these additional techniques one at a time to give your makeup an indeed unique look. Be warned: unless you're going for a costume look, you shouldn't use all of these techniques at once, but used sparingly depending on your look for the day, these can take your look to the next level:

  • Underline your waterline with a white liner to make your eyes appear larger.
  • To make your lashes look fuller, dab a bit of dark liner between your lashes in the upper lash line before applying your regular eyeliner and mascara.
  • For added dimension, use a shimmery, light shadow to highlight the inner and outer corners of your eyes.
  • Make a thick, smokey line on your lower eyelids with a dark shadow. This is a daring technique that is not for the faint of heart or any "natural" look!
  • If you want to be avant-garde, use liquid eyeliner to create a dramatic wing or a particularly thick eyeliner line.

Above all else, HAVE FUN! Makeup is about creativity, experimentation, looking, and feeling your best. Whatever eye makeup look you choose, do it because it makes you happy, and don't forget to have fun! Having the confidence to try out daring new looks begins with practice, so spend some time experimenting with colors and textures to discover your new natural.