White Eyeliner Tips for Perfect Eyes

What does White Eyeliner do for your Eyes

Most eye makeup is designed to make eyes appear larger. Using white liner on the waterline,  wearing TK's Lash Extender, and applying white shadow to the inner corners of your eyes are all effective strategies ... White eyeliner makes your eyes look wider and enhances the color.

Does White Eyeliner make your Eyes look Bigger ?

That's because when you surround your eyes with dark eyeliner, it can actually make them look smaller. Instead, draw a simple thin line on either your top or bottom lash line—not both—using an eyeliner pen with a precise tip. like TK's  Eyeliner Chubbie.

Everyone is doing a black wing – go opposite and be unique. Use your winged eye liner skills to create a white cat eye. This look is especially flattering with TK's Lash Extender.